Legal notice and privacy policy


The users undertakes to surf the web page and to make use of the content in good faith. In compliance with that established in Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, we communicate that the filling in of any form on our website or the remission of an email to any of our mailboxes constitutes the agreement with the privacy policy, and with the authorization to Mugiro sports, S.L so they can process the personal data which are given. The agreement can be revoked at any time by sending an email to; the data of the users will be used for the delivery through the mail for sales from Mugiro Sports, S.L. and for the delivery of the purchases. The users do not facilitate any personal information nor they are obliged to do it after a visit to the web page. The computer hosting the web page uses cookies to improve the service provided by Mugiro Sports, S.L.

These cookies are automatically installed on the computer that the costumers and user work with, but they do not save any kind of information relating to them. Mugiro Sports, S.L. undertakes to keep the strictest confidence over the information that is provided to it, and to use it only for the stated purposes. Mugiro Sports, S.L. presumes that the data has been entered by the right holder or of any person authorized by them, as well as that they are correct and accurate. Users shall be responsible for updating their own data. The customer will have the right at any moment of access, rectification, cancellation and objection to all his personal data, incl. the different registration forms. To exercise this option, the customer will have to access, in the section “My account”. Thus, the customer takes the responsibility of the accuracy of his data and Mugiro Sports, S.L. will no take any responsibility if the personal data of the users are not accurate. In line with current legislation on data privacy, Mugiro Sports, S.L. has adopted the due security levels for the given information and, furthermore, has installed all of the means and measures available to prevent the loss, improper use, data tampering, non-authorized access and extraction of this information.



The present General Conditions of Use, conditions of sale and privacy policy (hereafter, “CU”) govern the use of the website (hereafter “the Web site”), whose rightful holder is Mugiro Sports, S.L. (hereinafter ” Mugiro Sports, S.L.”). Mugiro Sports, S.L., is a society with FRS: B666943008, located at Trav. de Dalt, num. 31, floor 9, door 1, 08024 – Barcelona. Through their web site, Mugiro Sports, S.L. provides information about their products and services and offers the possibility of their contract. Due to the content and the purpose of the web site, the persons who wants to buy the products must become costumers. To do that, they have to complete the registration form and follow the path which is informed later by email by Mugiro Sports, S.L. The status of costumer implies the adherence to the CU in the published version right in the moment they access to the web site. All the same, there are existing pages from the web site accessible to physical and juridical persons who fail to register or to purchase a product (hereafter, “Users”). By this sense, the users who access to this sections of the web site agree to be subject by the terms and conditions contained in this General Conditions, insofar as that can be applied for them.



All the prices of the products which are indicated on the web page include a VAT, taxes that may apply. The delivery costs can suffer changes depending on the order and the delivery address.


The customer agree to pay the product at the same moment he ask for the order. The ticket or the payment voucher related to the order will be available and visible on on the section “My account”, “orders”. The customer will be required to pay the amount of his order with a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and/or other analogue cards). The card used to make the payment will have to pertain to a Spanish bank or saving bank as an issuing financial entity. The costumer shall to notify any incorrect or fraudulent charges in the card used for the purchases, by mail or telephone as soon as possible, so that Mugiro Sports, S.L. can manage the issue appropriately.


Mugiro Sports, S.L. uses maximum security measures commercially available in the sector. Moreover, the payment is processed by a secure server by using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). The secure server establishes a connection so that the encrypted information is transmitted by algorithms of 128 bits, which assure the intelligibility only from the costumers computer and the web site. This way, using the SSL protocol guarantees that: The customer is sending his data to the service centre of Mugiro Sports, S.L. and not to any other web site that claims to be them. The data transmitted between the Mugiro Sports, S.L. server and the customer encrypted, then they avoid possible reading or manipulation by third parties. Likewise, Mugiro Sports, S.L. express that they do not have access to confidential data related to the payment method, and therefore they do not keep them either. Only “Banco de Sabadell” and the Sermepa System have access to these data as a control payment and charge option and that they are not accessible to third parties.


Once the order has been formalized, that means: with the acceptance of the CU and the confirmation process of the purchase, Mugiro Sports, S.L. will always send and email to the costumer with the confirmation of the details from the purchase.


Mugiro Sports, S.L. will accept the cancellation of the orders when these have been requested before the product has left our warehouses. To proceed a reversal, the customer will have to contact by e-mail to Cancellations received when the order is on delivery will not be considered.


I Delivery of the product. Mugiro Sports, S.L. undertakes to deliver the product in one piece to the address indicated by the customer in the order form, and that in all cases should be within the Spanish Territory. In order to optimize the delivery, we would be grateful if the costumer provide an address to where the order can be delivered within the normal working hours. Mugiro Sports, S.L. will not take any responsibility for mistakes present on the delivery when the delivery address provided by the costumer in the order form if that does not conform with reality or essential data has been omitted. Mugiro Sports, S.L. informs the costumer that is not possible to split up an order in different deliveries. II. Delivery period. The 10 working days time limit after the payment of the order are set in Spain for the purchased orders, and 20 working days limit in Europe. If a delivery suffer a delay, Sports, S.L. will inform about it to the costumers, by e-mail or telephone as soon as they are aware of that. The delivery is considered done since Mugiro Sports, S.L. provides the product to the costumer. III. Delivery details, undelivered Orders and lost orders. In the same e-mail by which the costumer is informed that the product has left the warehouse of Mugiro Sports, S.L., contains also the delivery number and the telephone number necessary in case the delivery suffers any incident. If the costumer is not present at the moment of the delivery, Mugiro Sports, S.L. will take contact with the costumer in order to set another time and/or place of delivery.



The product shall be returned to Mugiro provided that the product has not been used or handled. In its original package, and the costs shall be born by the costumer. By returning the product Mugiro will discount the same delivery costs as when the order was delivered.



Mugiro Sports, S.L.responds to any possible quality fault of the product caused in the manufacturing process and that has not be detected by the quality assurance. In case of manufacturing faults, Mugiro Sports, S.L. after analysing and confirming such faults, will pay the whole cost or will rebound the product to the costumer.



Mugiro Sports, S.L. retains all rights concerning the content design and source code of the web and, specially, including but not limited to, the photography, pictures, texts, logo, design, brand, commercial names and data included on web. The customers and users are informed that such rights are protected by the Spanish and international legislation in force regarding the intellectual and industrial property. Likewise, without prejudice to the foregoing, the content of this web has also the consideration of informatics program and, therefore, it is also applicable across the Spanish and European Community legislation in force in the field. Reproduction of this website in whole or in part, indeed through a hyperlink, or of any of its content, without Mugiro Sports, S.L.’s express and written permission is expressly prohibited. Likewise, it remains prohibited the copy, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, public information and/or any another action of infringement of the Spanish and international legislation in force in the intellectual and/or industrial property field, such as the use of the contents of the web without the Mugiro Sports, S.L.’s express and written permission; S.L. Mugiro Sports, S.L. informs that no constructive license or authorization whatsoever is granted in and to the intellectual and/or industrial property rights or of any other right related, directly or indirectly, to its contents posted at the web.


Mugiro Sports, S.L. accepts no responsibility derived from, including but not limited: the usage of the materials of this web or web links that can be done by the costumers, whether prohibited or permitted, involving any infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the contents from the web or from third parties. From the damages and prejudices to customers or users caused by a normal or abnormal operation of the search tools, organization or localization of the contents and/or access to the web and, in general, of the mistakes or issues caused by the development or instrumentation of technical elements provided to the user by the web or a program. From the contents from that pages to where the customers or users can have access from links included on the web, whether authorized or not. From the acts or omissions by third parties, independently whether they are linked to Mugiro Sports, S.L.via contract. From the access of minors to the contents on web, whose responsibility of adequate control action remains with their parents or guardians, or of the installation of control tools for the use of internet with the aim to avoid (i) the sending of personal data without the previous authorization of their parents or guardians. From the communications or discussions on the debates, forums, chats and virtual communities organized through or around the web and/or web links, and will not accept either any responsibility, therefore, for damages and prejudices from costumers or individual users and/or collectives as a consequence of these communications and/or discussions. Mugiro Sports, S.L. will not be responsible at any case when it happens: Errors or delays on the access to the web site by the customer at the moment of entering the data into the order form, the slow or impossible reception by the recipients on the confirmation’s order or any abnormality that may be due to internet network problems, an act of god and any other unforeseen contingencies outside the good faith of Mugiro Sports, S.L. ; faults or incidents that could take place in communication, erasure or incomplete transmissions, so that it is not guaranteed that the services of the web site are constantly operative. From mistakes or damages caused on the web site due to a client’s inefficient use or use in bad faith of the service. From non operation or problems in the email address provided by the customer for the confirmation notice of the order. In any case, Mugiro Sports, S.L. undertakes to solve any possible problems and to offer all the necessary support to the partner in order to reach a rapid and satisfactory solution to the incident. Likewise, Mugiro Sports, S.L. will be able for set periods of time to engage in promotional campaigns to promote the registration of new members to the service. Mugiro Sports, S.L. reserves the right to alter the promotions application conditions, to extend them previously well communicated, to proceed with the exclusion of any participant of the promotion in the event if detects any anomaly, abuse, non ethical behaviour in the participation of the same.


In case any clause of the present CU was declared null, the others clauses will be in force and they will be interpreted taking into account the will of the parts and the actual purpose of the present CU. Mugiro Sports, S.L. may choose not to exercise any of the rights and powers conferred in this document, which does not involve under any circumstances the waiver of the rights except in the case of express recognition on the part of Mugiro Sports, S.L.  or the time-limit prescription corresponding in any case.


Mugiro Sports, S.L.  reserves the right to alter, in any case, the presentation and configuration of the web site, as well as the present General Conditions. By that, Mugiro Sports, S.L. recommends to the customer to read them carefully when they enter the web site. Costumers and users will always have the possibility to see the CU on a visible site, with free access for as much questions as they want to ask. In any case, the acceptance of the CU will be a preliminary and vital step in acquiring any available product through the web site.


The present CU are subject to Spanish legislation applicable in the field. In order to resolve any controversial or conflict which derives from the present CU, the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona, except when the law imposes any other jurisdiction.